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My name is Tiana Jeyná, Christian Life Coach, Designer, and Founder & CEO of Ignited Lyfe Mission, LLC.

 I hold a Bachelor's in Fashion Design and a Master's in Pastoral Counseling with a specialization in Life Coaching.  

My Mission is to support women in rebuilding their confidence and self-worth, connecting to their purpose in God, and operating boldly in their gifts. All while owning their style and fearlessly representing the Kingdom of God.

Are you ready to step into your Purpose and transform your life?


If so let me support you in starting your journey to living ignited. 

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My Story

Do you ever find it hard to recognize your self-worth? You put so much time into building up others around you but fail to see the beauty and potential in yourself. Are you self-conscious about your body, lack confidence in your abilities, and yearn to reconnect with your purpose in life through closeness with God? You've been telling yourself "I'm ready to step into my purpose and operate boldly in my God-given gifts; look and feel good doing it! I completely understand and struggled with the same issues as well for most of my young adult years.

I can remember being in my early 20s walking through life projecting a false sense of confidence, all the while unable to identify as beautiful and purposed by God. Thus, causing me to end up in compromising situations. As I went through my college years I yearned for true self-worth and purpose through closeness with God; and self-confidence and body positivity, which reflected in my self-esteem struggles and lack of true style identity. It wasn't until graduating college and starting my journey to finding my first career job, that I realize how minimal my self-confidence was, as I recognized it wasn't built on the right foundation.

I went from extremes like trying to fit into societal standards of beauty, to dimming down my personality to make others feel comfortable. Even eventually believed the lies people told me about who I was, as I struggled to fit in and be seen as beautiful by my peers. Because I devalued myself, others felt they could do the same, often speaking to me inappropriately, not making me a priority, or not recognizing my worth. Thus, helping me create a system of limiting beliefs about myself that plummeted my self-esteem. It wasn't until I was at my lowest, and fell on my knees, and cried out to God that I received a revelation that transformed my life. God reminded me that I was the reflection of Him, and through gaining a deeper connection and closeness with Him my journey to healing and wholeness began.

My mindset began to shift, and I began to reframe who I once believed I was, to reflect how God sees me, enabling me to build my self-worth from a deeper place. Recognizing that I am "fearfully and wonderfully made by God," - Psalms 139:14

Through that closeness, I was able to re-connect with my worth and purpose in Christ igniting me to boldly operate in my God-given gifts and celebrate my beauty as a masterpiece of God. use every part of my gifts to glorify God and am dedicated to sharing my testimony, ministering, worshiping, and sharing the goodness of God with everyone around me and empowering others to do the same, as we build up the Kingdom. With enriched confidence, I have also redefined my style reflecting my voice as a woman of substance and celebrating how God made me. God has purposed me to create the Ignited Lyfe Mission brand to help others do the same

With Ignited Lyfe Mission, you'll get personal coaching and resources to help you meet your goals, access to a coaching program with an actionable framework(s), a private Facebook community & support group, Video content, and much more. With our teachable framework(s) we support you in taking action in shifting your mindset and building your confidence, building intimacy with God, operating boldly your gifts, and speaking with the authority of the Holy Spirit. As your confidence grows you will be able to express it in a unique personal style that defines you as a fashionable woman of faith. Ignited Lyfe Mission helps you recognize your worth, rebuild your confidence, and define your style. If you'd like to join the Ignited Lyfe Mission movement today: you'll get a free resource to help you take action on one of your biggest goals

Thank you for listening to my story. I can't wait to be the spark of change in your life as you join Ignited Lyfe Mission.

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